Restless Understanding

Restless is a dark, intense, suspenseful, and fright filled experience, that begins with a former criminal defense attorney's investigation into the disappearance of a young woman.

Backed by gorgeous hand drawn scenery, 3D characters, and a hauntingly emotive score, this simple premise will ease gamers into a rich and detailed story, taking them on an exciting and eye opening journey across New York City and beyond.

Search for answers in all manner of locations from a luxurious apartment complex, to a supposedly abandoned and haunted State School, and meet a whole host of characters, some alive, some dead, some helpful and good, some devious and bad.

Restless is a journey into the human soul, an examination of right and wrong, responsibility and retribution, and an exercise in just what it would take to evolve one person's entire personality completely.

Can people really change, or are they slaves to themselves forever? Find out.

Key features:
- an engaging and deep storyline
- 3rd person point and click interface
- 1024x768 screen resolution
- highly detailed hand drawn scenery
- more than a dozen interactive 3D characters
- an original and emotive score
- 15+ unique and separate locations
- animated graphic novel style cut scenes
- challenges and puzzles integrated into the story


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